Sequence Alignment

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This class (Biomedical Informatics Methods) project involved developing an application that aligned two DNA or protein sequences using dynamic programming. The main reason behind attempting to arrange two sequences is to identify regions of similarity. Such regions could indicate functional, structural or evolutionary associations between the sequences. Dynamic programming is often used to align sequences. It operates on the assumption that a problem can be broken down in smaller sub-problems, that when solved will provide the global optimal solution.

The application for the class project was developed using Visual C++. Paul Reiners has provided an excellent tutorial on sequence alignment. Sequence alignment is a fun project to flex your programming muscles on a real-world problem. If you need to verify your results with an unweighted dynamic programming method, here is a link to the program I developed for my class.

ROLE: Application Developer

STATUS: Completed (2009)

TOOLS USED: C# with Visual Studio

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